Terracotta Warriors Series

13,I am here. 我在这里 76x62.2012,Oil on canvas 麻布油画

13,I am here 76x62 Oil on canvas 2012

14,In the Blue 在蓝色中 75x62.2013-Oil on canvas 麻布油画

14,In the Blue 75x62 Oil on canvas 2013

15,New Life 新生活75x62 .2012, Oil ob canvas 麻布油画

15,New Life 75x62 Oil on canvas 2012

16,Out of the Darkness. 冲出黑暗.76x62.2012, Oil on canvas 麻布油画

16,Out of the Darkness 76x62 Oil on canvas 2012

17,Out of the Ground回到大地 80x100.2004,Oil on canvas 麻布油画

17,Out of the Ground 80x100 Oil on canvas 2004

18,Upward and Forward. 向前进 62x75.2012, Oil on canvas 麻布油画

18,Upward and Forward 62x75 Oil on canvas 2012

19,Partial 局部


20,寻梦 130x150 布面油画 2007

20, Dreaming 130x150 Oil on canvas 2007